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and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. a tragic mistake. a worker cleaning up damage from irene comes into contact with powerlines and gets a deadly
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jolt of electricity. we're learning more about just how it happened. tropical storm lee crawls across the gulf coast. the slow-moving system is dumping several inches of rain on louisiana. tonight, there's concern about where all the water will go. lee isn't for at least another day. and tonight, a decision on the inscription that has drawn luther king memorial. will it stay or will it go? good evening. thank you very much for joining us. a man is dead this evening after being electrocuted by an overhead powerline. the police have identified that man at 48-year-old orlando hernandez of hyattsville. he was cleaning up storm damage to a tree on jackson avenue in tacoma park this morning when something went terribly wrong. derrick ward has the story. >> reporter: a two-man team with an independent contractor was cutting tree limbs damaged by last week's storm. the tree they were working on in the home in the 7400 block of
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jackson avenue has grown around the power ed communication's cables. it's unclear if the worker came into direct contact or if there was an arc where current jumped through the air seeking a path to the ground and finding the path through the worker's 'aluminum ladder. only the tragic outcome is certain. >> he was killed instantly. >> reporter: neighbors reported seeing a fire on the ground at the base of the tree, not knowing or being able to conceive at first that such an accident had occurred. word quickly spread through the crews arrived. they had to allow rescuers to end the to the victim who was pronounced dead at the scene. it soon turned to a death investigations and a definite reason for pause and new attention to safety around powerlines that service, yet can kill us, especially as attention is focused on clearing the lines and pruning damaged trees. >> there's a lot of people, homeowners, they're hiring extra
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help to get them through this storm cleanup. and there's a lot of it to be done. >> reporter: a typical overheadlineman dawns special gloves like special glochs, be there energized or not. >> the first thing is safety. you have to deal with safety before anything else. >> reporter: tragic accidents like this tend to point out the fact that after storms or hurricanes, the danger can persist long after the winds subside. in tacoma park, derk ward. a security ska that sent police scrambling to the hospital. the rockville hospital went into what they call "mini disaster alert" after staff members said they received threats from a man over the phone. during the alert nobody could enter the hospital. the threats were traced to somebody in fairfax county. so far no arrests have been made and police say no one at the hospital was in danger. the hospital is operating normally tonight. millions of people along the
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gulf coast are feeling the impact of tropical storm lee tonight. but the eye of the storm is still link glingering off the coast. communities remain under a tropical storm warning. about 6,000 are without power in louisiana. tornado warns are in effect. the town of lafiyette. residents evacuated as water crept closer to doorsteps. in low-lying areas of new orleans, floodwaters were hit high. six years after katrina, the concern is whether the levee also hold. so far new pumps have been working but the test is not over. lee could linger for much of the weekend. >> please the not be lulled into sleep by the breaks in rain. we have to stay alert. this storm is moving painfully slow. and, again, the greatest risk for us is to get a hot of rain in a short period of time. >> reporter: tropical storm lee is also impacting oil and gas work in the gulf. about half of the u.s.
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production is now shut down. 3,000 homes in howard county are still in the dark from hurricane irene. county officials are offering free meals and bottled water throughout the holiday weekend to help people still affected from the hurricane. ready to eat meals and water will be available tomorrow that you monday at community centers in cooks vim, laurel and elicott city. for more information call the number on your screen. 410-531-6677. today, president obama granted federal disaster aid to virginia for destruction left from hurricane irene. it includes areas around richmond, virginia beach and williamsburg, but not northern virginia. irene caused about $39 million in damage to public property alone in the commonwealth. four people were killed from fallen trees. governor bob mcdonald plans to ask for federal aid for individuals next week, once private property damage estimates are in.
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police are trying to figure out what led to a crash in northern virginia that took the lives of a woman and an 8-year-old boy. it happened after 8:00 this morning in the rural vint hill section of fauquier county. >> this crash claimed the life of a woman and a boy at aboutle:20 saturday morning. helen ford lives on a nearby farm and heard the impact. >> i feel really bad for any family members involved. and my love and prayers are going out to those people. it devastated those families. >> reporter: police identified the victims at 46-year-old lori anne matthews of hey market an and 8-year-old reign lewis spencer.
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her husband was riding in the toyota avalon they were riding in. a relative describes the boy as a step grandson and police say everyone was wearing a seatbelt. >> the message is don't get in a hurry. there's no reason for people to drive as fast as they do or hurry their life as fast as they do. life is too precious. >> reporter: police say 54-year-old sharon rose of manassas park was driving a toyota pickup near kennedy road when she crossed the center line and hit the avalon. rose was also flown out. police say speed and alcohol do not appear to be factors in this crash. but they're still investigating to see why the driver crossed the center line. residents here say vint hill road is dangerous and safety improvements made about a decade ago only made it worse. >> several years ago teenage kids were killed and within the first five months of the road being improved there were five accidents. >> reporter: some residents want the speed limit reduced from 55 to 45 miles per hour on this hilly road. >> very dangerous, especially
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for us because we crest the blind hill on one side and people are flying. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news4. right now it's unclear if the other driver in the crash will face any charges. new documents found at the abandoned offices of libya's intelligence agency suggest that moammar gadhafi's tie with the cia were closer than first thought. the human rights' work organization discovered the documents on friday and they suggest that the u.s. and britain, sent terrorism suspects to libya for questioning including the current leader of the rebel forces,m. bell hodge says he has abandoned his islamic roots. both the cia and british tell generals officials remain tight-lipped about the documents. remembers 9/11. a new display opens to the public here in washington and allows visitors and up-close
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view of the artifacts of that tragic day. and written in stone? a dig decision on the martin luther king memorial. and a wardrobe choice that got green day's frontman kicked off before takeoff. chuck, top that? i can't. with you we've got one more dry day in our near future and then the bottom falls out. a lot of rain comes our way. all the details of the forec
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a woman in queen an's anne's county was killed after stepping into the path of a state
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trooper. 29-year-old irena curtis of delaware stepped into the road near a shopping center and was struck by a cruiser. the trooper was responding to a report of a burglary. investigators say he did not have his emergency lights or sirens on. police are still figuring out the details of the accident. well a new exhibit at the smithsonian for the 10th anniversary of 9/11 offers a more up-close-and-personal way to reflect on the day, instead of being behind glassed cases, artifacts from the three crash sites are out in the open. the displays include a clock from the pentagon that froze at the time of the crash. also a piece of a plane that crashed into the world trade center. a briefcase that belonged to a woman in one of the towers. >> and what we're hoping here is that the realness of these objects will provide people an opportunity to understand that, september 11th happened to all
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of us. >> the 9/11 exhibit at the smithsonian runs through september 11th. after that, the objects can be viewed in an online memorial. some will be sent to a permanent museum that opens next year at ground zero in new york. still to come, the fashion statement that got green day's lead singer okay, you're the good cop. i'm the bad cop. look, it's still a great time to refinance. listen up, buster! we're not gonna pay any closing fees. i'd do what she says, friend. i can't control her. well, it's the "no closing fee refinance," so we pick up the closing fees. oh, you're gonna pick up the closing fees? yes. on average, that's $3,300 at closing. [ both ] thirty-three hundred?! that's a lot of donuts. [ male announcer ] visit capital one bank today
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is an inscription on the dr. martin luther king jr. memorial that was criticized by an author, maya angelou is not going anywhere. i was a drum major for peace, and righteousness.
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his exact words were -- if you wa t major say i was a drum major for justice. say i was a drum major for peace. they stand by the paraphrased line and he says it allows king to define himself and the inscription will not be altered. well, sagging pants cost the front man for green day his seat on a southwest airlines flight. check it out. billie joe armstrong, as you can see in concert, sent out a tweet if thursday. now it said he was kicked off his flight from oakland to burbank because his pants saged too low. the flight attendant reportedly asked him to pull them up but he did not. southwest says armstrong was rebooked on the next flight and given an apology by the airline. how about that? i feel like, if that's the case, a lot of youngsters in d.c. here would be in trouble. >> the airline would never apologize to anyone else. they found out like who he was
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and we're like, sorry.  big day in weather. we saw some crazy weather. a lot of rough games out there today. a lot of games in the late-night hours still being played out in the west are under the gun for potential thunderstorms. this game, a lot of notre dame fans thought this game would never end. more than six hours long, this game ran. several long rain delays and quite a bit of very intense, close-boy you cloud-to-ground lightning. the michigan game was called late in the third quarter with michigan up 34-10. western michigan and michigan agreed not to play any longer because it was so dangerous out there. right now, temperatures are mid-to-upper 70s around town. 77 in washington. 76 annapolis. not much on our radar, one or two lonely spritzes of rain. that's about it. the showers we had way early this morning are fading down around southern west virginia.
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all the heavy weather across south bend, indiana, here in ann arbor, michigan, right here where the games were so severely impacted by the bad weather they're still getting pounded by thunderstorms here this evening and on the gulf coast, heavy vain from houston all the way to pensacola, florida. all that rain, this rain here and the rain across the upper midwest and showers in southern virginia will all eventually combine into one very long stretch of wet weather that we're going to have to deal with around here beginning monday afternoon and potentially lasting all the way through thursday or friday of the upcoming week. so enjoy the quiet night tonight. patchy fog first thing in the morning and high pressure giving way off the eastern seaboard so that will allow for one or two thunderstorms to bubble up tomorrow in the late morning, early-afternoon hours. we're stopped at 6:00 tomorrow evening. fading showers and some may drift east of the mountains and get to the washington metro area but probably not until after the sun goes down.
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most of your outdoor plans will be fine. but the weather front and the tropical moisture from the gulf spells a soggy week. some places will get 3 to 5" of rain between monday and fried. tomorrow morning, enjoy it. cloudy, muggy, patchy, dense fog, wake-up temperature, 58 to 62 degrees. and then hot and humid, a nice way for a sunday on a lay bar day weekend. well into us upper 80s and a lot of spots might get to 90. a beautiful beach day tomorrow and monday looks good. maybe a few showers late in the day at the coastline. 90 tomorrow. that's it. say, see ya, to sum. after that, no more temperatures near 90 for the rest of the week with rain, rain, rain. ♪
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hakim is here with sports. the redskins looked really good in preseason. i'm sure the coaching staff had a hard time with cuts. >> it's never a great day on cut day. a lot of guys their dream is over and some are just beginning. final cut day, the redskins released 24 players and put kareem more on the physically unable to perform list. washington keeps 8 of 12 rookies they drafted. the team hangs on to eight receiving including brandon banks, donte stallworth and hankerson and nice paul. here's who they cut. they keep two quarterbacks releasing clemens and matt gutierrez. running back, evan roisers. but he could end up on the practice squad. and also, aldrich robinson.
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five offensive lineman, including artist hicks and rookie, maurice hurt. lineman anthony bryant and most notably. former seventh round pick and safety, chris horton. they are expected to announce their eight-has been practice squad tomorrow. college football season is in session. today, virginia tech running david wilson was put to the were detailed in a meeting and wilson was told to expect the first carry in the season opener. with the swagger of a college kid wilson said he didn't need to hear the second play because he was going to take the first play to the end zone. he walked the walk and took appalachian state to school. fwrooing honored before the game entering his 25th year as the head coach and signed a new contract to keep him in blacksburg until 2016. second play of the game and a fumble on the handoff. virginia tech recovers it ahokis
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in a good position. david wilson is backing up his talk. races 20 yards for the touchdown and he finished with 162 yards rushed and three tds. the route is on. up 17-0, logan thomas to robert who makes the catch over the defender's head. a 31-yard pickup. roberts leaps and says -- yeah, i'll take that. one of three catches in the game for roberts. third quarter. tony gregory blocks the punt and then kyle fuller dives on it in the end zone, 13th ranked, 66-13. on road next week to carolina. cavaliers hosting william&mary. second quarter, uva up, parks finds a hole and he's in. 19-yard score and uva up, 10-0. third quarter, more from parks.
11:25 pm
it was a walk in the park to this man and he weaves his way through the defense and 26-yard td and parks god 114 yards rushing, three touchdowns and the cavs defeat the tribe 40-3. next week virginia plays at indiana. to annapolis, navy opening up against delaware. rickie dobbs graduated so chris proctor takes over. navy needs knife yards but proctor wants more. he gets some great blocks, cuts it back and goes 75 yards for the touchdown. proctor ran for 176 yards and four tds, three rushing and one passing. midshipman up 7-0. later in the first. navy's bread and butter. proctor gets it to santiago and the hawaiian native says aloha. they visit western kentucky next week. also today, james madison loses its opener to north carolina, 42-10. talking baseball.
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starting pitcher tommy malone made his major league debut tonight for the nationals and the 24-year-old kid from southern california made history. malone and the nats taking on the mets in game two. top two, he gets angel -- malone's first major leak strikeout. malone up with two on. first pitch, and, oh, yeah. deep to the right and into the bull pen for his first home run, three-run shot. malone becomes the 1th pitcher to homer in his first career at-bat and the eighth to do it at first pitch. he gets a curtain call and on the bump, he goes 4.3 giving up six hits and four runs. bottom fwhooin, nats down by one and facing bobby parnell. broken bat blooper to right. lucas charging in and can't make the catch. brian bixler scores. the nats win 8-7 on a walk
11:27 pm
jooimpb single. the 14th game winner in zimmerman's career. how about that! what, a way to end it at nats park on tommy malone's major league debut. >> i'm just glad college football is back. look at all the wins today. navy wins. virginia wins. >> and our producer, anne reynolds, uva grad, i know she's happy. that's our news for tonight. "saturday night live" is next. make it a good night. have a good one, everyone!
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it's selection sunday on cbs. [ cheers and applause ] >> well, it's march. that means it's time for march madness.

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